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100startupideas.com is a website that reviews various articles on economics in general and other related information. Provide education about the world of economics and business to support you in studying in more detail about the basics and theories of economics and other related information. .

Economics lecturers are managed independently and in groups by members who are dedicated to providing and boosting the information contained on this web to be of use to you.


The 100startupideas.com approach is very easy – “Get started with all prohibited business help, but help in a big dream!”

To explain, in which many people we want to help, both, living in India and those who live abroad, succeed through the autonomy and the beginning of simple and affordable businesses.

With the help of businessmen to recognize your internal forces, present your capabilities / skills to your internal forces, and provide responsibilities for individual and social achievements, we are employed to increase the economy of the country and Hope to create a wealth. As a result, the prosperity and stability of any community will have to be assured.


We all have everything in 100startupideas.com for everyone.

To showcase the rapid global economy of all kinds, in the global world, the same income is not enough to take care of potential domestic expenses. For a modern woman, this is not only a housewife. They had to enter the world of employment / business, especially if they are studying, to burn domestic fire.

Well, we can make it easier for you to get started from home business. It does not have to worry about the capital, because every business aspect requires minimum investment. In addition, work hours are generally flexible. Similarly, all our people have other ideas that can help you with your skills, communication skills, skills, and more and more creative skills, even if you enjoy it!

The purpose of our website is that all of your colleagues will be able to bring you on a common platform, to help you exchange business ideas, opportunities, and exchange of ideas for the present and future.

When the environment that creates dynamic and energy, it is born, encouraged, encouraged to acquire knowledge, and generate a proper connection, which ultimately leads to amazing business success and wonderful personal development. Should lead

About Me

Who am I, and what am I really important and specialists and to provide you the necessary guidance to become a business?

Yes, I believe my website can be a great help to you!

My Name Is Talib Tantary

Although I am only 20 years old, I already have a ‘work’ experience through employment in various enterprises. As a competent mechanical engineer, I am serving in various positions in the planning and management field of the infrastructure. I want to know more and more, I have taken places like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and UAE. I have also been a business consultant for some time in New Delhi, India. To collect, I have seven years of experience.

What do I believe that I can make your trader yet, is it the fact that I’ve never seen the principle that can only be done and done with all the tasks assigned to me. I was getting around, to learn something from each experience, and to collect stored information for future use.