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Business of Franchise Quick Calculation For Children

I want to trade franchise model of Quick Calculations for children from 6-12 years old. Thank you.


Hi Manh Duc! With the unique products registered for intellectual property rights, you can absolutely use franchise or license franchise to distribute your products. However, to build a business strategy you need to understand the franchise model of your choice.


There are 2 basic franchises that you need to know are franchise and Licensing:

  • Franchise (franchise): As a form of franchise that the franchisor will be responsible for supporting the establishment of shops, sales and marketing support … The franchisor will intervene deeply and deeply in the business activities of the franchisor. franchisee. Organizations and production lines often follow strict regulations.
  • Assigning a license is also called a licensing: The franchisor will allow the franchisee to use intangible resources (intellectual property, trademark, design …) or registered tangible resources. protection. For this form, the franchisor does not interfere too much with the franchisee’s business activities.

These are two forms of franchise that you should consider and learn about Quick calculation products for children from 6 to 12 years old. When giving a franchise, you will get a certain franchise fee. The fundamental difference between these two forms is the level of control of the franchisor on their products or services.


Many people still confuse the two words: “strategy” and “plan”. Unlike a business plan, a business strategy is considered a “strategy” that you should not present to anyone, it is a long-term plan in which there are differences so you can edge painting and development. To set up a specific business strategy is not easy, you must have an overall view of the market, understand the capabilities of the business and capture the trends of the times. Some suggestions for you to set up a franchise business strategy for children.

  • First, before setting up your business strategy, you need to understand the information, the data, know the market. After you have obtained information from reliable, reliable sources, you can rely on it to establish business goals. Usually a business strategy usually plans between 3 and 5 years or may extend.
  • Based on specific goals, you can come up with the corresponding strategies. For example, with the goal of franchising quick calculation product licenses for children from 6 to 12 years in 1 year to franchise for 100 units, you must have a marketing plan, a search plan and persuade partners. receive rights all over the country; Or with the goal of increasing sales you need to increase the number of goods sold … Make the action strategy as specific as possible.
  • One of the important points that you can’t ignore when setting up that business strategy is the company’s core competencies. Your core competence can be determined by: Rareness, difficulty copying, difficulty getting ahead, irreplaceable … Core competencies can be found in any part of the business such as poisoning. product originality, employee solidarity in the company, acumen to seize opportunities, financial potential, technological capabilities … Note that when it comes to the core competencies of the business you should see In general, the core capacity is of the total, not of the individual person.
  • If you have been in business for a few years, you can use your business financial statements to calculate and plan your business strategy, forecasting the annual growth rate …
  • Must have KPI tools to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of strategy implementation, franchising …

Depending on the specific stage, the business strategy may change to adapt, you should not be too rigid to know flexible adjustment to suit each specific situation.

Good Luck!

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