How To Do Marketing on Holidays, New Year, Celebrations – Complete Guide

Although the development of e-commerce is booming, it seems that it has been just over 10 years, while the nature of modern, integrated marketing activities has accumulated over a hundred years, so There must be a specific attraction that we can predict.

We hope from classic marketing activities that can find a number of ways to help us do better marketing in this growing commercial era.

1, Limited Sales

Two years ago, when the Japanese car company launched the “Fergalo” car with classic romance, they announced that the total number of cars produced was only 20,000, and one was assured that the That car will no longer be produced after that.

Their business strategy is transmitted out causing a sensational effect for consumers, and orders are constantly called. The type of “limited quantity sales” has a strange attraction.

First, to grasp consumer psychology, consumer taste, manufacturers apply the phrase “as rare as curious”, things that are easily achieved are often not worth getting, the price Not high value, hard to attract attention to people and influence is not much.

Secondly, in order to grasp the psychology of finding high quality products of consumers, limited sales, producing a certain quantity, will be able to guarantee the quality of the product completely.

Third, capture the fear of customers for counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, because once a new product is available, there are those who make counterfeit goods, sell to customers, take their brand to Paste on that fake product, sell it to customers to take advantage of the weaknesses of their brand lovers.

2, Actively Reveal Defects

In the sports bag produced by Mizuno Sporting Goods Co., Japan always has a note paper, and no one product is available. The paper is as follows: “This sportswear in Japan is used with the best dye material, with the highest technology and technology. However, we regret that the color of the betel residue has not yet fully reached the highest level, it will still fade a little. “

Mizuno has bravely exposed its product shortcomings, being honest with product operators. It was because of this that Mizuno became a brand-name sportswear company in Japan and each year revenue could reach 5 billion yen.

The method of “proactive disclosure” of the surface to look at clearly shows “point of encouragement” but is really aimed at customer psychology. Behind those minor shortcomings and shortcomings, a plan suggests a series of product advantages. If it is “jade” then you cannot hide it.

So how consumers are not tempted to encounter? This kind of “just punching and rubbing”, “backing a step forward” has significantly boosted the increase in revenue.

3, Tactical Rotation

In the late 1980s, the hygiene product of the American toy company, Transformers, made a lot of money in Europe and the United States, and began looking to the Asia-Pacific market.

To introduce a new kind of toy different from children’s stereoscopic toys in the Asia-Pacific region with a very different toy culture than Europe and the US, certainly not effective when relying solely on advertising. fox. After careful planning, the children’s toy company decided to use public relations facilities to advertise.

The company donated children’s toys through the complex drama “Transformers” to various broadcasters on continents. Because it is a free gift, TV stations are happy to accept it. Through extensive broadcasts, thousands of children in the Asia-Pacific region are attracted to attractive Transformers, the desire to turn Transformers into market entry has flared up.

The market for children’s toys is still lacking, when children see those toys naturally feel excited. In this way “Transformers” has easily opened up the market in Asia-Pacific, the market sales volume has increased day by day, forming a strong “Transformers” sales force.

For example, illustrating this successful marketing is a moral statement that sales success or failure are not out of marketing efforts, the final battle of marketing is in the shopping center.

As buyers ‘markets are increasingly shaped, consumers’ purchasing power is growing, if operators focus on the scope of their business, marketing is simply marketing. The vision is not far away.

Accepting a new consumer product and service must be based on establishing a new consumer concept, and establishing a new consumption concept is as simple as introducing the ad with a few words. not enough.

Moreover, in the age of the rise of advertising, many ads are often considered to be justified and even meaningless, and the reliability is very low which will make people feel frustrated when watching ads. of products and services, this may in turn cause business to fail.

In this situation, the operators aim to always use every opportunity to find breakthroughs outside the scope of marketing, use different thinking and carry out various public relations activities to addressing people’s awareness barriers to new products and services.

4, Reverse Marketing

From the beginning, the Coca-Cola Company adopted a strategy of fighting two new and old formulas to deal with the “New Generation of Pepsi”, the strategy created from this strategy (ad slogan: fit your taste best, capture the trend, feeling can’t stop).

A plan based on customer psychology and the demand that the market is pursuing “really good value goods” and using the psychological effect of using the slogan “bring real goods to you” has reached Great effect.

With this “real product” tactic, Coke changed the original strategy to cut out the new formula, resulting in the “new Pepsi” completely defeated.

The so-called “reverse marketing” refers to the development of tactics, and then adjusting the marketing strategy. The above case is the “new generation Pepsi” tactical transformation that does not fit everyone’s needs, and turns them into the “true” mentality that people pursue, adopting a “real goods shipping” strategy. . Thereby serving the needs of the public to get better results.

However, it should be emphasized that there are inherent defects in reverse marketing, and furthermore, those defects will also bring inevitable market risks to businesses that are implementing.

Before deploying, we must first clarify the following principles:

Put customers first. Does the customer really believe it?

Because in the minds of consumers there is an immutable view that is the goal of the business to be profitable. A strategy can make customers’ views change through the implementation of reverse marketing. However, it is impossible not to admit, customers’ doubts always exist at a level of different or less.

Put customers first. As a premise to meet the needs of customers, it is a certain distance to reality.

In fact, the needs of customers in many respects are entirely caused by the products of the business, making it easy for businesses to fall into passive state in product development and design, advancing progress. overall production levels and even lead to stagnation.

Put customers first. This can lead to “not being able to adapt”.

Reverse marketing turns the mass market into a micro and targeted market for exclusive individuals. Planning based on mature market conditions and United States consumers has just begun to shift from consumption of goods to brand consumption but they have not yet entered the personal consumption and immature markets. . Therefore, companies’ ambiguity about reverse marketing is likely to cause “inadequate adaptation.”

5, Become Mysterious

Before the release of Harry Potter, the publisher slammed the story of a little witch with cute and magical powers. Two weeks before releasing the Harry Potter book, the publisher published the book’s price and page number.

Foreign language translation is banned for fear of revealing the story in the translation process. The distributor must sign a confidentiality agreement with the publisher to obtain the “Harry Potter” sales power and not be allowed to peep.

Some lucky distributors could only watch “Harry Potter” for a day on July 8, 2000, to a locked room and watch a clip that was edited and edited. Moreover, many readers are tormented and eager to receive it.

Some pre-prepared “Harry Potter” books were sold “very carelessly” at an unknown Wal-Mart store in West Virginia. Book publishers are even more knowledgeable, they claim on public media that Harry Potter may lack supply.

A kick that triggered thousands of waves, consumers began to generate a fear of not receiving “Harry Potter”. At the time the books and movies were officially released, the publisher was tortured by a series of frantic readers wanting to buy.

Curiosity is human nature, alternative marketing is taking full advantage of human characteristics to achieve marketing goals. However, it should be emphasized that this type of deceptive product must be “value for money”, to suit the market and the situation of consumer demand. However, it must still include “simplicity” or it will make consumers feel cheated.

6, Become A Leader

Wagley is Japan’s largest producer of chewing gum, but the company struggled for a while in the osmanthus flavored gum segment to compete with the brand “Dani” that dominates the market, after Large market research they found that “Dani” has two shortcomings.

First, the fragrance retention time is too short and the second is that the gum is not big enough. The strategy is to make them “long” into “short”, “big” to “small” and launch the red gum brand “Dani”, which is very popular among consumers and eventually becomes Top brand in this market.

In the market competition, many entrepreneurs support the plan of “winning first place” or “leading people”. However, the first person to do it will certainly be easy to do, while taking the first place is not necessarily everyone wants and depends on whether people can do it or not.

As long as we determine the shortage of previous products, improve them, and create more premium products, when they are put on the market, they will quickly overwhelm each other and gain a foothold. on the market.

7, Additional Detection

In the early 1960s, Kodak Company wanted to open the film market, they were not eager to start because they knew that it would not be easy to make the film grow in the market. Therefore, they used the method of developing additional products to develop popular cameras in 1963 and announced that other manufacturers could copy them and that camera appeared at that time. automatic.

The increase in cameras has brought a huge market for film footage, and Kodak has had the opportunity to quickly roll out footage, which has been sold worldwide. “Kodak” has created itself a brand, thus achieving the goal of creating a film market.

By exploring the complementarity of the product and then trying to make the market bigger, instead of competing with the current market counterparts, it is best to work together to develop the market, to achieve mutually beneficial goals with the same market goals, creating interactive effects among brands, contributing to enhancing the power to fully meet consumers’ needs and experiences.

8, Deception is Well Intentioned

A famous planner once had a good idea of ​​deception. When advising on a drink called “Small Rain Point”, he cleverly used the name “Small Rain Point” to create some tracing ads on official state media.

Many people think that they are looking for a missing child, Many people think they are looking for a lost child, so they provide clues and also arouse media attention. different. When people worry about this “child”, the popularity of prestige “small raindrops” has also been greatly improved.

The deception here refers to not cheating in the legal sense, but the fact that companies can use some means to deliberately tease customers. At the same time, deceitful tricks to deceive consumers must make them feel that this type of deception is a good form of deception.

9, Magnify Information

On April 22, 2000, Nongfu Spring announced in public media that it was proved by experiments that pure water is not good for health.

“Nongfu Spring” no longer produces pure water, but only natural water. This statement caused an uproar after the media disclosure, leading to a war of words between Nongfu Spring with Dora and Rob. In this fight, the media do not know how many free ads for Nongfu Spring. This is a gentle, positive propaganda.

Another type is to create sensational events. For example, amplifying information that a company that has won an international prize worth 5 billion USD, or a business that has funded the provincial study promotion fund where the business owner was born and grew up with the number money worth 500 million USD.

The total revenue of the advertising industry in USA is growing at a high rate, along with the continuous expansion of information, communication channels are easily blocked and companies can hardly receive the information they want to hear. In this case it is necessary to amplify the information transmitted.

10, Penetrating Emotions

NIKE has advertised “Bring love to Africa”, the content is very simple, it is possible to donate NIKE’s old shoes to the poor of Africa, the planning strategy can receive new NIKE shoes at preferential prices . Right after the event was announced, the promotion was very popular.

This “emotional penetration” marketing strategy is based on the culture of consumer emotions, successful emotional penetration strategy, so that consumers continue to feel the impact of the soul, with Can subtly affect the psychology of customers.

In this way, it is possible to fully stimulate the desire to buy goods from potential customers and achieve the miraculous effect of “smooth and silent.”

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