How To Find Out Your Own Strengths and Forte

Perhaps it is not difficult for you to know that those who use their strengths often produce extraordinary results than those who do not use it, can even become masters or masters in some way.

Maybe sometimes you feel jealous of people like them or willing to accept the truth, but in my opinion, everyone has their own bright points, anyone can automatically detect and develop the advantages of self to be better.

However, the method of education and the nature of our culture has traditionally focused on shortcomings, or commitments to improve deficiencies. A common thing is that the effect of doing this will only apply to a certain individual.

Maybe until someday, like me you will find your own bright spot but remind you that the road is indeed a lot of obstacles and obstacles, you need to be prepared to confront dealing with difficulties, even if you try to search, you may not get the results you want.

Finding your own bright points and strengths is like finding the treasure you have stored hidden deep inside. It is a very interesting and very valuable journey.

After discovering some of my own strengths, my initial understanding of myself was ambiguous, then analyzing many times I have a better understanding of personality characteristics as well as the advantages of the village. Dear, that made me feel more confident than before.

In the process of self-discovery, I accidentally discovered that this discovery may be the fastest and most effective way to improve my self-confidence. Every time I discover, I can see my soul becoming brighter.

Finding our own strengths is that we are seeking the truth, seeing the truth and bringing the truth out of the light so that it becomes clearer.

The discovery and discovery of one’s own strengths is a process that needs to use some exercises, in the process need to note the results achieved. In addition, we need to keep an eye on our own feelings.

Because we not only explore at the level of logical thinking, but also discover it with the experience of body and mind.

Preparation: Need to prepare the best paper and pen using a pencil, in a quiet environment.


First, from a self-awareness perspective, write down your strengths and weaknesses on a piece of paper.

After writing, look at what you wrote and feel yourself, what is your mood and feeling right now? Also need to see if you have written more advantages or more disadvantages?

If you are among those who are very good at writing down their own weaknesses, when writing their strengths, then at the beginning of the second line is not able to write.

Then you realize that you are a habit of denying your own habits me So your list of weaknesses is self-esteem. But it’s okay, there are other ways below.


This is an interesting process, learn and write down the experiences, relationships or topics in your life. Then describe it as an essay based on the main ideas of them. Then for each segment, find out which advantages and talents are used in the most satisfying and interesting way.

The advantage refers to some outstanding features, such as sensitivity, talent refers to things that are inherently better than others, such as musical talent, dancing, drawing, and so on.

If you are patient, you can find many bright spots of yourself. After sorting each segment separately, gather it into a paragraph. When I did this exercise, I remembered that I started from a few tens of millions of dong and established a company with billions of sales.

I have more than 70 employees. At that time, I did not start the development path and I was extremely worried. I have a lot of problems with people, they have shown good attraction with the ability to identify talents and overall planning skills. Over the years, I have come to my own many bright spots.


It’s hard to know our strengths, we can find one of our acquaintances to investigate our strengths such as finding colleagues, friends and family members to ask. How they look at you with your eyes, what advantages you have and what is better than others.

Then record their feedback with paper and pen. When reviewing these things you will feel happy because some people cannot believe that they have too many advantages in the eyes of those around them.

Sometimes I talked to my mother for an hour and a half and my mother said we never talked to each other like this. Communicating with friends and family will increase feelings and confidence. I hope to communicate with others in this way in the future.

Suddenly then I had an idea that I would do the opposite with the people around me, learn and comment on their advantages.

Understanding yourself is a long process, self-discovery is a kind of self-care and care, so it is also a process of self-confidence discovery. I suddenly thought that some people like to play beads. In the long run, the beads will be polished bright, beautiful and the value will increase.

It is worthwhile to understand yourself and make yourself shine. Discovering many effective angles allows us to see the truth, see our own bright spot there, wait for us to polish and embrace them, and feel them from the bottom of our hearts and body.

After many discoveries and unearthed myself, I found myself becoming more stable, daring to become myself. When people have not discovered the advantage, once discovered it will have incredible power.

If you feel satisfied with the advantages and talents you have discovered, and you are satisfied with a score of 90 or more, you can jump straight to the back to “complete the pros points of yourself ”.


Testing is a quick way to clearly list your strengths, but because the tests are primarily written in words and based on the memory in your head, the results of the tests are not complete. I believe you need to incorporate your own physical and mental feelings and other methods to provide a comprehensive assessment.


Review your curriculum vitae, transcripts, awards and where you’ve done well, paying special attention to things that make you feel excited and proud. Then summarize your strengths and talents.

Need to remember who you helped? What talent did you use to help them? Who is the one you have helped thank you?


Find a piece of paper and use keywords or drawings to describe things that have been done over the past week, such as skating, reading, attending events, going to work, and so on. These items are then labeled with other colors

Good Luck

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