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How To Retain Old Customers 7 Unique Strategies To Increase Profit

I believe that all salespeople know that, in order to do a good business, recruiting new customers is important, but there is still a more important group of people who are close customers. set. What we need to do is make all customers become loyal customers, making loyal customers who regularly visit and shop at all times.

So how to retain close customers?

A store owner has expressed that: “If only good quality goods, affordable prices, good service will basically attract customers to become loyal customers”.

The entity store can do this because their goods can be seen and felt, serving is the process of direct exchange between people and people, the easier it is to feel. It’s a physical store, so what about an online store?

Sellers and buyers at different ends of the computer, even in two different places on the earth, how to build emotional, common and even beautiful relationships with no distance ago? Online business shops must how to get close customers and how to retain them?

After a year of observation, I found myself, my online store often has close customers to visit, they help me introduce new customers, new customers become loyal customers, close customers stop returning to the store … and keep repeating that cycle. Here are some of my own shared experiences combined with some of the many industry methods to analyze how to retain close customers?

1, Use Coupons

Coupons are very attractive to loyal customers, it’s like when you buy things in the supermarket, you get a coupon, you will definitely want to go back to shopping again to use the coupons. This offer. This is also the reason why Mc Donald’s and KFC always have lots of coupons.

2, Make Friends With Customers

After each transaction, add the client’s Zalo or Facebook and then store in groups, by region. Doing so so that after the store has any new information about promotional activities, incentive programs or new goods … then you can contact and inform customers quickly.

Or, on a special occasion or some important occasion to send a congratulatory message, just do not often bother and disturb, most customers will accept the message and you send it, and make them deeply impressed with you, so that when you need to buy something they will think of you first.

3, Answer The Message So Witty Humor

Let the opponent have a deep impression on you for a moment and add more emoticons, when talking, humor is witty and should not be too stressful. I have read through some of my friend’s conversations with customers, even though the client is constantly bargaining for the price.

It is really troublesome, but in the content of the conversation I cannot reveal a bit of annoyance and feeling. hate it all, but instead are very funny and witty statements: “I love you, I give you more money and go to beggar”, or “I haven’t decided to buy yet I lost sleep all night. ”…

And then the customer no longer dared to bargain any more and decided to buy goods. Later on, my friend told me that the guest still came back to buy goods regularly. The secret she gives is that, when it comes to taking the guest heart, she must accept sacrifices.

In my opinion, the “sacrifice” here means that you and your customers must absolutely not let the air become too stressful, because this is not the type of communication that is direct, so even if you feel If you find it annoying, you shouldn’t show it outside.

4, Good Quality Is The Most Authentic Steel Morality

No matter how well you do other things, the best quality of goods is the most authentic. Therefore, when selecting the source of goods, it is necessary to consider and pay more attention to the quality. Think about it if the customer buys a poor quality product they will surely be disappointed, good quality, the new customer will be loyal to you, otherwise they will only buy once and you will face risk of losing customers right from the first transaction.

5, Set Membership Rates For Loyal Customers

Membership price is intended to highlight the difference between loyal customers and other popular customers. You can create VIP cards for customers and offer different levels of incentives, so that they know that regular shopping is very beneficial for them, making them feel like your store is like a home. So, once, it was once a familiar time and the feelings would become deeper and deeper.

6, Let Customers Join in The Forums You Set Up Yourself

Let them join in your forum, show them your blog, personal page so they can understand more about you so that they know how diverse your store is and how your forum is so special. Come on.

7, If You Have Time, Please Pay More Attention To The Shipping Stage

When goods are prepared or delivered to customers, text to remind customers to pay attention to receiving goods to avoid the lack of goods or because they cannot contact the shipman but other problems arise.

In short, customers are gods, we need to protect our gods well, they will bring us a lot of achievements. Learn how to treat customers like friends, relatives, really think for them and think about what they think, and worry. Just having a dream, nothing is impossible, the only problem here is whether we can do well or not.

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