Karsanbhai Patel Biography

Karsanbhai Patel was born  in 1955 in Gujrat. He is an Indian Business and the one who found the two thousand five hundred  Crore Nirma Group of Companies. Nirma Group of  Industries mainly deal with soaps, cosmetics and detergents.

The National Institute of Technology was founded by him as he had interest in education too.Mr. K.K. Patel belonged to a family of  a farmer in Gujrat. Mr Patel was an Assistant  in the laboratory of the Geology and Mining Department which belonged to the Gujrat Government. When he was 25 years old he set up a small company of his own.

He  made detergent powder that was high in quality but within a easonable price. He named it after his daughter Nirupama thus the name “NIRMA”. AS big companies had hold over  every market , K.K.Patel started by getting his products sold by going from one  house to another. His detergent was oe third the price of the detergent that was the cheapest one at that time.

Thus Nirma brought about a revolution in home detergent sector. Because of this it also became one of the  top detergent brands. Nirma was appreciated globally as it was  environment friendly and  free of phosphate. Making Nirma needed a lot of people   thus  was a source of employment for a large number of people.

Mr. K.K. Patel was  given honors by the Gujarat Chambers of  Commerce as an “ Outstanding  Industrialist of the 80’s” He was appointed 2 times  as chairperson of Development Council for Soaps, Oils and Detergents.

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