Sant Singh Chatwal Biography

Born in a business family of India American origin, Sant Singh Chatwal is the possessor of the chain of restaurants under Bombay Palace and Hampshire Hotels and Resorts. He was born in Rawalpindi in nineteen forty six. Sant Singh’s father was a tea vendor in Punjab.

He is said to be a pilot of the Indian Navy before he went to Ethiopia and as time went by became the proprietor of 2 restaurants which served Indian food. In 1975 he started a new restaurant in Canada where the food served had a combination of Indian and French Taste.

Sant Singh Chatwal has given lot of financial help to Mr. Bill Clinton who was the President then for his campaigns during elections as he is close to the Clinton family. He also has a good relation with other members of Clintons Party. He has come to India many times with Clinton.

Chatwal has not been able to pay back the loans he has taken from US as well as Indian Banks saying that his company is bankrupt. He was charged of fraud of more than 9 million US dollars and arrested by the CBI in Mumbai. He managed to get bail and thus left India for good

On 26/01/10 he was honoured with Padma Bhusan by the Indian President. Now the government is looking for evidences to take away the award from him Indian citizens have asked Government to give a re-thought over the decision of giving him the award. Similarly in US too people have started filing online appeal against him.

Vir Sanghvi an eminent journalist has expressed his regret over giving Mr. Chatwal the award. He has also violated the labour law as people who work for him have accused him of not paying them their money.

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