Sheetz Franchise Opportunities

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Sheetz that has been operational for almost 66 years is a company involved in the selling of fast food and gasoline at nearly five hundred locations. Its convenience stores are spread across many cities of United States that includes Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia etc

The name ” Sheetz ” is derived from the name of its very founder named as Bob Sheetz. It is said that Bob Sheetz founded Sheetz after he bought one of the five dairy stores owned by his father in 1952 and the place where he gave birth to Sheetz Inc is called Altoona.

From the day when Sheetz was established by Bob to all the way to the current year of 2018, Sheetz has been a family business. Operating around 500 conveniences stores in six states, there are currently around 18000 people employed in Sheetz Incorporation.

Sheetz company has many achievements. International Food Manufacturers Association awarded Sheetz with the prestigious Silvar Plate award in 2001. Sheetz also received President’s Trophy award in 2013.

Does Sheetz franchise?

It is indeed a sad news especially for interested people that Sheetz is not selling franchises. The company quite possibly will never ever consider franchising rather would continue with the control of Sheetz family on the business. Thanks!!!

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