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Study The Greatest Business Secrets in Western and Eastern History

Today’s analysis we will be studying the Greatest Business Secrets in Western and Eastern history . Each lesson, each story will suggest to us the experience and lessons to be learned for better business. Invite you to welcome reading.


American President Abraham Lincoln is known for being a good communicator, good at talking to everyone. He has a very different way of communicating, dealing with everyone, which is communicating through the story.

He will tell stories related to that problem to convince or guide someone. For example, if his subordinates make a mistake, he will not scold or punish him but instead tells the story to his subordinates.

In the story he cleverly added the content related to employment and the wrong of the employees so that they can feel and draw lessons for themselves. This way of doing his job not only kept a good relationship with his subordinates but also helped him solve the problem in a fun way.

The lesson we learned from President Abraham Lincoln’s use of the story is:

+ In business, to reach out and persuade customers to buy your products, do not just rush to consult and introduce products, but use the way of communicating by story, which looks like a picture in The mind of the customer and thereby put the product into the story to make customers more accessible.

Many fastidious customers will always try to find your product disadvantages. At that time, do not rush to argue but agree and use the story to talk about the product, then do not cleverly put the benefits of the product so that customers feel that although this product has the disadvantages, there are still very Many good points can use. That’s called using the story to overcome opposition.

+ In business, an organization’s activities, employees are an indispensable link. You can use the story to better understand your employees, better manage employees. Or use compelling stories to welcome the most potential candidates.


The secret of Japanese successful business is: “Customer is god”. We have heard this saying very much and often but few people can learn the lesson from it.

Many people simply think “customers are gods”, just serving customers is good. For Japanese people, all products and services are created to bring the most value, benefits and experience to customers.

Start investing in creating products that meet customer needs, always focusing on product quality so that customers have the best experience.

Cheap price is the motto of Japanese people, they always want customers not to spend too much money but still use the best quality products and services. Service and customer service attitude are always attentive at all times.

Japanese sellers always listen to feedback from customers to improve their business. Therefore, all products with Made in Japan labels are trusted and used by almost all customers in the world. This is a Japanese secret of business success that we should learn.


Isaac Meyers is a leader and a mason. He was born into a family of free parents but lived in a slave state. Under the circumstances at that time, he was not able to go to school like any other child, but he did not give up his study path.

With his efforts, he studied and established his career. During his employment, noticing the injustice of labor when the white Caulker opposed the work of the black Caulkers, he called on the black Caulker to stand up to another labor organization called Colored Caulkers Trade Union Society.

After that, everyone created a company specializing in shipbuilding and railway to create jobs for all Caulker. With his efforts with his friends, he became a good person, one of the greatest American businessmen in history.

The lesson we learned here is that to be successful, to become rich, before becoming a good leader, you must become a good leader. This is a meaningful lesson, a business secret that we should learn.


William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr is a black citizen who contributes to the construction of the city of San Francisco.

He served as the Deputy Consul General of the United States in Mexico in 1845 and served as President of the San Francisco City School and Treasurer Council.

He started his business with the construction of a hotel, warehouse, and operating the first steam boat in the city of San Francisco. At the same time, he was also famous for gold mining at that time.

All helped him become a very wealthy and powerful man with huge wealth.

From the story of William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr., we learned that the lesson is to always grasp the opportunities and trends to find unique new ideas to help get rich.

As in his story, it was his development of the first steamboat in San Francisco. We are living in a highly developed technology age 4.0, so we must always explore and create many unique ideas to keep up with the technology trend to succeed.

For successful business requires that we need a lot of skills and experience. But according to, one of the most successful lessons and business decisions we should learn is knowing how to create demand for customers.

As a business person, we can’t just sit there and wait for customers who need it before we start researching and creating products. Because waiting until we finish the product, that need is no longer available.

Therefore, always know how to capture trends to create new products and services to meet the potential needs of customers. Be the creator of customers’ needs.

Every country, every culture, every successful person will leave us with business lessons for the most success. Although talking about different time and space, until now, these lessons have always been learned by future generations of business people.

In today’s topic, we went through some great Western and Eastern enrichment business secrets. Hopefully the sharing in this analysis has helped you. Thanks for following this analysis with me.

Good Luck

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